We all have our ideal wallets, according to our needs and type of convenience. My ideal wallet is a typical feminine trifold wallet. I was fond of long wallets before until I discovered that a trifold wallet is more convenient for me. I have certain troubles with long wallets which a trifold wallet became the answer. A trifold wallet is smaller which can fit small bags, have enough compartments for my IDs and cards, and have different compartments for coins and bills. I have lesser troubles now when putting a change especially coins in a wallet immediately, which gives me anxiety before. I love my current wallet just the way it is, but I would love it to have a minimalist design for it to be less plain.


This is the wallet that Hershey shared. Her wallet containing the following: Money, ID, Debit/Credit card, 1x1 and 2x2 picture, NBS card, SM advantage card, and an earphone. She mostly uses her debit/credit cards conveniently for online shopping. She keeps her ID pictures in her wallet in case a form requires such. She uses the NBS and SM Card for the perks they provide. The ID is for identification purposes. And she also keeps her earphone in her wallet because she really loves music and would need them most of the time.


As I got to know her more through our conversation, I found out that is always ready. Since instead of keeping a sentimental photo, she keeps ID pictures instead, in case of sudden use. She is also a responsible daughter and a sister. She mentioned that she uses the SM advantage card when going to the grocery with her mother in SM. The NBS card is mostly used when she accompanies her siblings to buy art materials and stationaries. She is also fond of online shopping, especially since the pandemic started. Discovering that she loves music, she also revealed that she plays violin and piano.


As a student, Hershey’s goal is to finish her studies. But during our discussion, her goals and wishes also revolve more around her love for music. She wants to get better at what she does so she keeps practicing playing piano and singing. Her biggest dream is to be “pitch-perfect”.


I did not expect that I would know more about Hershey through an interview about an ideal wallet. It made me realize how little things can reveal about one person. The way she shared and what she shared revealed many things about her. It also showed how a simple girl she is and quite reserved but will open up when she became comfortable.

I admire her love for music and how she is skillful in playing instruments. She shows quite an energy in pursuing this passion of hers. The contents of her wallet also showed how helpful and loving she is as a daughter and a sister.


Hershey is already contented with her wallet. She thinks that it is already perfect with everything that she needs and keeps. Hershey’s wallet is plain and simple but her wallet can be more lively and be designed in a way that can reflect a part of her.


Problem Statement: Hershey’s wallet needs a transformation that can show her love for music, as well as her love for her family.


Hershey was satisfied with all the new suggested components for her wallet. She loves the color since like her current wallet, she prefers a dark color rather than her favorite color so that it won’t get dirty easily. She also did not disapprove of the addition of a photo compartment so that she can put their family picture. What she loved the most was the design of adding a musical note logo, as well as a small chain with a small musical note pendant. The proposal is final since there is no disapproval with any of the designs.


  1. How did your talk with your partner inform/influence your design?
    - Through my in-depth interview with Hershey, I found out things about her, such as her earnest love for music and support to her family. I also discovered that she is a simple person and is contented with her wallet as long as it meets the qualities she seeks for an ideal wallet. With these discoveries, I incorporated her personality within the designs I proposed to her.
  2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?
    - With testing and feedback, I found out what she might like and disliked which leads to a better final design. I designed according to what I think she would like or her wallet needs just according to our discussion, which is why testing and feedback are important before the final design to seek her approval.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?
- The most challenging part for me was creating the designs. Since she doesn’t put much detail with her ideal wallet, which made me base the designs on our interview. I was nervous if she would like the result of the proposed designs because I might have assumed what design and components of a wallet when might need and like. But thankfully, she liked the idea and was happy about it.

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