Blog No.2: State of My Journalism Skills

As of now, I must admit that upon assessing my Journalism skills, there are a lot of areas for improvement. Writing is the only thing that I love to do but have failed to pursue even with countless opportunities. I am an inactive member despite joining our school publication during elementary and senior high school. If only I have been active, maybe I’m more confident and knowledgeable now when it comes to news writing. Creative writing is what I love most but I never honed nor improved it. Because of this, my confidence level when it comes to writing is average. On a positive note, being in the HUMSS strand during Senior High School improved my confidence in speaking. This only started to show during my first semester as a freshman, which is one of the factors that led me to choose Mass Communication when I planned to shift.

Another skill that I’m not confident with is my technical skills. My skill level for this is also average. Although I can say that my skill level for my investigative and effective communication skills is good. Being an introvert, I love doing paperwork activities rather than all the other things. Collecting information for a report etc. is one of the things I enjoy doing with paper works. Despite my introverted personality, I am an attentive listener and I effectively communicate with people when it comes to a professional approach.

I expect that during my exposure training, I will be able to learn many things. I also hope that the experience will hook me more in this program and will awaken a passion for what I will pursue in the near future. I believe that it is not too late for me yet to improve and be more confident.

Inspiring the youth through creative writing and being outspoken for the disadvantaged