Blog No. 1: The News Personality that I Admire

There are indeed big and great news personalities out there such as Karen Davila, Atom Araullo, Pinky Webb, etc. They are truly admirable but, another news personality that I look up to is in the person of Doris Bigornia. Even though I seldomly watch National TV ever since I started studying in Baguio, I still remember when I watched one member of the news crew being interviewed. He shared an unforgettable experience they had working in the field. It was when they were to interview a leader of a rebellion group. He mentioned the persistence of Doris Bigorniain to continue the interview despite knowing the danger, especially for a woman. Aside from the courage that Doris portrayed, I remembered how she bravely covers news on-field despite strong during typhoons. She represents my utmost respect and admiration not only to her but to all field reporters and crews. They have an immovable passion for the work they do no matter how dangerous it may be.

Given that there is an unguaranteed safety in this field, a Communication graduate I know whose passion is in field reporting cannot do so because her father doesn’t permit it. I also want to do field reporting in the future but it’s more likely that my father will also disagree. Many people and parents nowadays discourage their children to be in the communication field. They think it is not worth it to do a dangerous job and the pay is even low. I hope despite these, there would still be media practitioners that will have an unstoppable heart in serving the people no matter the odds. They might be underrated but they can also be considered as superheroes without capes even if many people don't realize it yet.

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