Citizen Journalism: TEDx Video Takeaways

After watching the talk of Paul Lewis’ in TEDx about citizen journalism, I came up with these three takeaways:

  1. Technology is a powerful instrument for Citizen Journalism
    Certain gadgets such as phones, digital cameras, etc. are the key tools when doing citizen journalism. They come in handy when witnessing something that should alert the public. Such as witnessing a crime, fire, and other incidents. Unknowingly, some photos or videos that we captured or recorded can also shed light on the truth in important cases.
  2. Verification is essential
    It is important to consistently verify the information that we consume. This is to avoid being a victim of hoaxes, deliberate misinformation, and fake news being fed into the public domain.
  3. Citizen Journalism is powerful
    Citizen Journalism and technology inserted a new layer of accountability into our world. Information can be easily shared and obtained through technology which helps in investigation or research purposes. It serves as a key in knowing the truth in some incidents where we might have not never known without its existence. Anyone can be a citizen journalist by witnessing, recording, and sharing an encounter that we think is problematic such as injustices.

Watch the video of Paul Lewis linked below to gain an own insight regarding citizen journalism.