A Sudden Shift to BA Communication

Choosing a course for college was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made. From changing courses on the day of enrollment from BS Psychology to BS Accountancy at the very last minute and ending up shifting to BA Communication. It was fine to my father that I’ll shift as long as I will still take up law after the course.I never thought of BA Communication but I remembered that I once planned to take a short-term course related to journalism or script writing and maybe this is an opportunity for me to pursue it. I don’t really want to leave in Maryheight’s campus because of the people, environment, and organization I’m with but there is no course offered there the coincides with me. I needed to transfer to the main campus but my heart will always stay there.

There were many challenges when I chose BA Comm. The first one was before even starting in that course the reactions I got from my parents and other people were negative. They made it sound like I made the wrong decision and suggested courses which they think is more practical. I still ended up taking BA Comm no matter what they said. The second challenge was the enrollment, I was surprised to see my batchmate from senior highschool who is supposedly taking IT in Maryheight’s to be also processing her papers to shift. Before proceeding in the enrollment, we needed to go to the guidance office and the guidance counselor actually asked the questions that were also in my mind. I decided to take BA Communication but I don’t have plans after graduating. I thought I won’t be able to proceed because of her disapproval but the teacher-in-charge of STELA’S enrollment said I’m good to go since the only problem was grades in my accounting subjects. Actually, law subject is the only subject I passed among my major subjects. Thankfully, my batchmate and I are shifting to the same course so I have someone to go through all the remaining processes. It was hectic to process because we needed to cross-enroll in a neighboring university. We thought it was a hassle but the people there were really nice which made the cross- enrolling a great experience for us.

The final challenge for me is having a hard time adjusting to the people, building, and teachers when I transferred to the main campus. I was going through some stuff that time which made it more difficult. As I explore the field of mass communication, my anxiety keeps getting worse. I felt that I cannot cope up because I have no technical and social skills and my writing skills rusted up ever since I stopped pursuing it. I thought, maybe it’s easier for me if I chose political science, teacher education, social work, or psychology which were my options. But I know that my heart may be with Maryheight’s but I have to put my soul into making this course work for me. I’m having a hard time coping with my classmate’s passion, determination, and energy but I’ll learn in every small step I take. Aside from those challenges, BA Comm made me more outspoken which I started to be at the start of college but became more vocal. This caused me to be red-tagged as someone who has the same mindset as NPA’s, which is a very mindless thing to say but I guess it can’t be helped for people to think that shallow. Whatever challenges I’m still facing and many more to encounter, I won’t give up easily.

Inspiring the youth through creative writing and being outspoken for the disadvantaged