Activity 1: Every plan needs a proper method before making it into a reality. For this Family Vacation plan, I will evaluate it using the ASDAL Method.

Activity 2: Pair-share

We have different places in mind to visit which may have resulted in some differences. But most specific elements are the same with differences in how we specified how the method will be utilized. But, general goals are somehow the same, as everyone plans cautiously and accordingly for their own Family Vacation plan to make sure of its success no matter the circumstance.

After evaluating my journalism skills and determining the important skills needed as a journalist, here is a road map I came up with.

Journalism Skills Road Map

It shows that I need to work hard to improve the journalism I have and to overcome my weaknesses in this part. There can only be progress if I will start doing it with passion and determination.

Peachy Clarisse Tillay

Peachy Clarisse Tillay

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